MSFi Series - Single and Three-phase Surge Filters

The MSFi is designed to provide point-of-entry protection against power surges caused by external sources such as lightning strikes and substation switching as well as providing a measure of protection from surge events generated on the secondary side of the filter.

msfi_lg.jpgThe MSFi is a 3-stage protection unit utilising primary and secondary MOV protection in conjunction with a Low-Q LC filter. In addition, the unit also provide filtering of the line harmonics, noise and RF transmitters with a cut-off frequency of <10kHz and a minimum attenuation of 40dB above 1MHz. Special care has been taken in the design of the filter to minimise ringing caused by light loads, surge diverter operation and inductive load back-EMF.

Product Highlights

green.gif  Surge suppression and filtering in a single package
green.gif  Modular design - 1 or 3 phase configuration
green.gif  Available in 40 and 63 Amp ratings
green.gif  Surge suppression rating of 160kA
green.gif  3 Stage Protection
green.gif  Power and Protection status indicators
green.gif  Remote alarm contacts standard
green.gif  5 Year Warranty