EBL512 is an Analog addressable fire alarm system but can also be used with conventional or addressable detectors and addressable inputs or outputs. EBL512 fulfils the EN54 standards: EN54 part 2 (Control and Indicating Equipment) and EN54 part 4 (Power supply). Every CIE can communicate with up to 512 input and/or output units.

Each control unit has four loops for the connection of detectors, manual call points and general inputs and outputs for freely programmable custom specific functions. Each unit on the loop uses one address.pp_x_ebl512_01_rdax_404x290.jpg

Every EBL512 unit can work standalone, or can be connected in an Echelon network, with up to 30 units. Every control unit has access to all the information from the other units in the same network. The total number of detectors and/or input units in a full system is more than 15.000.

EBL512 - a unique concept for early detection without unwanted alarms.

The EBL512 is a new generation of fire alarm systems. With unique functionality in co-operation with adaptation to the surrounding environment, self-diagnosis and inter activity can the system be installed in almost any premises.

  • Each Analog detector in the system is individually set so that it adapts to the surrounding environment. The sensitivity of each Analog detector is constant in spite of the individual contamination or background particle level. Every longterm change is distinguished from short time variations of a smouldering fire.
  • The self-diagnosis function detects every deviation from the accurate normal condition in the electronic circuits and in the detection chamber. The inter activity function is using information from one, two or a larger number of detectors in the system to provide a more secure detection of a real fire.
  • A family of state of the art Analog detectors gives the system accurate and noise free information about smoke and heat levels in the installation.

System overview


A large variety of units can be connected to the four detector loops:

  • Analog detectors
  • Addressable detectors
  • Conventional detectors
  • Addressable manual call points
  • Addressable short circuit isolators
  • Monitored addressable output units
  • Addressable output units
  • Addressable sounders and sirens

EBL512 fire alarm system has a set of functions that meets the most stringent requirements relating to fire detection, presentation and measure.

  • Service signal is automatically emitted when the detector is contaminated.
  • Large number of fire detection algorithms is supported by the system and can be set to each Analog detector.
  • Remote control of the system via global networks.
  • Alert annunciation. The output for the alarm transmitter can be delayed for immediate on site investigation of an alarm.
  • Disablements. Zones, programmable outputs and outputs for the alarm transmitter can be individually disabled.
  • Internal or external time channels. Zones may be disabled using an external timer.
  • User programmable outputs. The outputs are programmable in a very flexible way enabling control of external devices, such as alarm devices, extinguishing systems etc.
  • Compatible with the older EBL1000 and EBL 2000 systems.
  • Up to 16 display units such as external Fire brigade panels or alert annuncation controllers can be connected to each CIE.
  • Can be connected to WEB-server for remote access and/or one-way communcation to external system. 

Network of EBL512 control panels

The EBL512 control panels can be connected to an Echelon-network (TLON). Up to 30 nodes can be installed into one network. One of the nodes can be an external PC. A software driver that can be installed under Windows NT is provided and gives the PC full control of and access to all data in the EBL512 control units connected to the network.

Planning, commissioning and installation tool

Modern fire alarm systems are very complex and versatile. In order to get the optimal performance and cost effective planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the system does PEW provide the distributors with a powerful tool. This tools is the Win512 PC software which is a complete support packet for the EBL512. All configurations is done in the PC and downloaded into the control units.