SPFi Series - 3 phase Surge Power Filters

Designed for three-phase point of entry protection against power surges caused by lightning strikes and substation switching.

The SPFi is designed to provide point-of-entry and sub-circuit protection against power surges caused by external sources such as lightning strikes and substation switching as well as providing a measure of protection from surge events generated on the secondary side of the filter.

The SPFi is a 3-stage protection system utilising primary and secondary MOV protection in conjunction with a Low-Q LC filter. In addition, the unit also provide filtering of the line harmonics, noise and RF transmitters with a cut-off frequency of <10kHz and a minimum attenuation of 40dB above 1MHz.

SPF series Product Photo

All models in the SPFi Series are fully enclosed in wall mounting IP24 steel enclosures. A graphical mimic display provides at-a-glance indication of the status of the SPFi with indicators showing correct functions in green and faults in red. The alarm function provides a summary alarm output for protection failure and power failure.

Product Highlights

  Surge suppression and filtering in a single package
  Standard Current ratings from 100A to 315A
  Custom ratings to 2500A
  Provides extensive high frequency and RF filtering
  Panel-mounted mimic display
  Remote alarm contact
  Enclosed in IP24 cabinet
  5 Year Warranty